Heart Quake , The Kiss

Each kiss a heart-quake… ~Lord Byron, Don Juan
Suzanne and Bogdan after the ceremony.A classic.. shot.. I could not have planned it or set it up any better ! I just got lucky.

Kisses and Rose Pedals
Each kiss a heart-quake… ~Lord Byron, Don Juan

Women in White, Tribeca Rooftop Cyclorama

Another Shot from Colleen and Paul’s wedding. The reception took place at Tribeca Rooftop NYC and it just so happens that there is a Photo Studio with a Cyc . Needless to say we took advantage of that and rewarded with some of the more dramatic and high key portraits of the session.Skylight and window camera left, no need of flash. Stylin’! From our Women in White series


colleen bridal portrait
High Key bridal portrait tribeca rooftop

Wedding Ceremony, flower girl caught in a tender moment.

A moving yet comical shot of the flower girl with her dad during the wedding ceremony. A tender moment caught by us at Alfonse Pagano Photography

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wedding ceremeny detail
flower girl with her dad