Things Are Not Always What They Seem

As Alfonse’s partner in life and work I tend to wear many hats. I am the co-owner, director and manager of many things ranging from client meetings to emptying the garbage bins of our photography studio to writing blogs that nobody reads. I serve also as the subject of many light tests and a lot of times for stock shoots and promotional material as in this photo.

I wish I could say this shoot was as joyful as it looks. Because the petals weren’t falling the way we wanted them to, I had to keep leaping with abandon over and over again until we realized we had to shoot the tossing of the petals separately. Separately is how we ended that day, too–with me wanting to toss something at Alfonse (and no, I was not thinking rose petals).

Things do not always look as they appear to be — wishing a lot of that this year.

Happy New Year.