“The End ” More than you ever bargained for. The unexpected

Wedding Photography New Jersey,New York
Wedding Photography New Jersey, New York

“The End” More than you ever bargained for?

Back in the day, mid 90’s or so, this photograph was taken with a Widelux panoramic camera (film days) so its a little grainy, a little soft and imperfect–to say the least, but it became my acid test for future clients. I called it “The End ” for obvious reasons, and it was to promote the unexpected. You see, at that time I was a pretty radical nontraditional wedding photographer in a time of traditional photography. I did sometimes have clients that were not the perfect match and did not really understand what it was that I  was trying to achieve. This shot happened very quickly, the bride and her bridesmaids decided in the middle of getting dressed to go out and have a smoke, the rest is history. With the bride’s permission, of course, I used this shot in full page ads in 4 wedding magazines (yes, this was before The Knot and all the rest). I figured if people called me after seeing this photo we would be a great match indeed! I was right, my wedding photography business boomed!

This particular photo was taken at the Pleasantdale Chateau West Orange NJ




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